With alerts you can keep track of critical changes in your data.

Here is a few examples of ways our alerts can help your business:

  • Website does not register visits. This is a potential Google Analytics or website error. Keep track by setting Sessions from all channels to less than 1.
  • Google Ads not running. Maybe your credit card has been declined or somebody paused the account and then forgot it. Keep an eye on it by setting an automatic alert for Number of ad impressions is less than 1.
  • Drop in revenue. Get an alert if your weekly revenue drops by more than 20%
  • Bounce rate. An increase of 25% in bounce rate can be caused by problems with the website. Something may be broken,- you will never know. It is at least worth taking a look at.

Alerts with email notifications

In your overview, you can activate email notifications on and off with a simple click. Add different automated alerts for each website and stay up-to-date with critical changes in your data without wasting your time and energy by doing it manually.

alerts overview


A quick overview with our alert stream

Don’t want email alerts every day? No problem! Keep an eye on your alerts in our stream.

alerts stream


How to set your alerts

Below is an image showing you how easy it is to make alerts. You can also use our pre-made alerts to catch the most critical changes in your data.

Mimer Metrics alert


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